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Unit 3 Outcome 1 - On The Waterfrontexternal image on_the_waterfront_60329-160x120.jpg

Unit 3 Outcome 3 - Language Analysis & Point of View

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Oral Presentation

external image coas.jpgUnit 3 Outcome 2 - Creating & Presenting

Sample/practice SAC prompts:
  • “Petty conflict has the potential to escalate into a destructive force.”
  • ‘Encountering conflict will inevitably bring an individual to face moral issues.’

external image rugmaker30.jpgUnit 4 Outcome 2 - Creating & Presenting

Practice SAC Topics:
  • “Pacifism provides no real solution to conflict.”
  • “Conflict that appears major as we experience it often seems minor in hindsight.”

  • What are your ideas/opinions in response to these topics? Try and make a big statement about “encountering conflict” that relates/responds to the prompt.
  • What does Najaf say that relates to these topics/if anything? What are your thoughts/opinions on what he says?
  • What examples from your wider reading can you use to support your ideas/opinions? If you can’t think of any, look for some.
    Tip: The asylum seeker issue is still in the news.

Unit 4 Outcome 1 - Twelve Angry Men

General Resources